Mrs. Southern Social

“The result is a line of coordinating clutches that are equal parts classy and sassy. They’re designed to bring some cheeky punch to your holiday ensembles and they make great gifts, as well. In a year when we’re not rushing out to get a bunch of new clothes, these pieces are the perfect way to breath life into an old outfit.”


The Pink Clutch Blog

“I had the lovely privilege of discovering the incredible work of Michelle Brinker when she reached out to me and asked if she could send me a monogrammed gift.  I never say no to anything with a monogram, especially those pieces that are incredible as is the selection available from Classic Prep Monograms.”


Patricia’s Palace

When I saw this adorable tote from Classic Prep Monograms I knew I needed it! It’s perfect for trips to the wineries or a picnic in the park like I did here.  And who isn’t a fan of Veuve?!

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